Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Valuation

Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Valuation

It over to the audience make them good ones because the good ones will get read out the good ones will get rid of so and then I’m going Sunday I’m just going to show people how we actually build two-thousand-do dollar portfolio cool actual life before couple framework slides and then bang straight into how we do it bring the simulator out bring the simulator out your cash flows so.


Ben and I will be given to flight home before my talk of you know like they don’t know I fear that talk and you can come and chat to him he’s the brains andI’m just the bronze don’t ask me any complicated questions please I don’t know how to answer them now that’s true that’s true so but.

At Last, The Secret To Valuation Is Revealed

if you want to hook a limb about me in comments support would love you to be there so there we go so there’s a bit going on this month been there is there is a knife down gene to wrap it up soI’m now got my piece of paper in my hand and I’m quickly looking around and.

Problems Everyone Has With Valuation – How To Solve Them

I see Hawaiian here Hawaiian right now you know www.valuationsnsw.com.au Aloha r is what’s here which is I thought that’s a lot hello you know but they’re obviously this is a good buy but there is another one here who will wanna Madonna a good ah for you after work now there that’s right or not I don’t know we are going to get massive from a message because we’ve tipped over audience so until next week folks since.

we’re running short of time I ‘m not going to go into a spiel about everything that had Tim can or will educate you on but rather to just let him get into it with the proviso that everybody also gets into this we’d like to hear all
The questions all those burning questions that you have and I definitely can’t help you better I ‘m going to promise on behalf of Tim that here he’ll try and help you with that and so with that over to you Tim great hello well.

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