How the process of valuation shows the true value of the property?

How the process of valuation shows the true value of the property?

We had Decatur Utilities check the hydrants to make sure they were fully open, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.Shortly before 5, firefighters readied for an interior attack, carrying water hoses through the main entrance while avoiding the massive cooling unit that was, according to one firefighter hanging by a thread from a sagging roof.By 6, fire crews took a short break as they prepared for a secondary search inside.Laura Yates, a spokeswoman for Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corp.,

said the utility received a notice to discontinue electric service last August at what Property Valuation believe was the same building.There was no power to the building at the Flint City nursing home, she said.Workers disconnected gas and water service from the building before the fire, a DU worker told firefighters.Police and fire officials said they heard rumors that some people believe ghosts haunted the building.I worked with a station that serviced the building years ago and heard the rumor, Fire Lt.Tommy St.John said.I think it was because the roof was so creaky.The 76-bed center closed in November 2002, according to Bobby Ehlman, plant operations director for USA Healthcare.

The management company now operates a new facility on Morgan Avenue Southwest.Mayor Lynn Fowler hopes more families will build homes in Decatur this year if the city is a little nicer to them.In a state-of-the-city speech to the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce today, Fowler announced a goal to increase construction of single-family homes by 20 percent this year.Based on an average of 200 single-family home permits annually, Fowler said he hopes to see 240 permits this year.

He said he hopes to do that partly through a study of policies and procedures in the Building Department that The University of Alabama in Huntsville will conduct.I want to make it easier to do business in Decatur, he said.We think that how we conduct ourselves and how we promote this within the department will go a long way toward making people want to come to Decatur and invest.

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